HongKong Disneyland (Yep, I'm serious)

Well. China and Hong Kong (don't get me started on why they aren't the same, I'm still figuring it out), has been the craziest, amazing, weird, very weird, and bizare vacation. I've seen a lot of history and learned a lot!

Yesterday I had two "I CANT TAKE HONG KONG" moments, we got very lost, were very confused, and very tired. It is a zoo here. It's like, I'm super happy to have taken this trip, but I'm undecided if I'd come back? Like, Italy, I would go back in a second. China? Not sure. I think it is one of the 'once in a lifetime' kind of things. Although if I use the last five years of my life...who knows.

Anyway, I need a day of...goofiness and anti-culture and anti-history.

So...we're going...to Hong Kong Disneyland. I'm actually not even forcing my mom to go, she wants to! On the way back we'll see the The Big Buddha, so we'll get some culture/history.

My mom leaves tomorrow and we have one place on the agenda (maybe two) but I can't even imagine taking this trip if we had just stuck to the original schedule without free days. Phew! I have one more day and then back to Joberg where I'll spend the night, then back home.

Looking forward to seeing Louis. :)