Hong Kong Mania and Fun

I don't know how to really say with words that I've had an awesome time in Hong Kong and a stressful time all the same. I'm glad I came here. I had A LOT of fun (especially yesterday), but...I'm a country  mouse. And even though I want to take these kinds of trips, my country mouse roots are seriously screaming.

As far as the pushing/shoving and line etiquette, HK is about a gazillion times better than any of our other stops. So, that's nice. But when we're oot and aboot, there are some places where we can't cross the street because there is a fence (so you have to learn or know where the street crossings are) and there are many places where you can't see the street because of the fences and bushes. And then, when you're at a crosswalk, there are times you can't see the other side because it's a elephant circus line of very tall double decker busses. Yeah.

The day before yesterday, we got mega super lost. I didn't even know how we'd find a taxi because some taxis don't go to certain places and they just shake their head and drive on.

I wasn't really looking forward to the transport component of yesterday.

It was ridiculously easy. Coming from someone who can't figure out trains or buses or subways.

And we got to the happiest place on earth, we were met with another subway, where the windows were in the shape of Mickey's head.

We went on the rides. We bought Mickey ears (earlier in the day I told my mom I was forcing her to do something all day and she would do it if she loved me. We even got our names on the back), we ate Americana food (mostly shaped like Mickey's ears) and even in the rain and the crowds, it was an AWESOME time.

Then we set off to The Big Buddha. Except, we got there it was closed. Now NOTHING closes before like...10pm at the earliest? Even on weekdays and Sundays. We saw pictures and this website of it at night...so...when we got there around 18h30...we were mega annoyed that it was closed. So we went back to "Central" area (via Subway) and tried to find the Hard Rock Cafe (a co-worker/friend collects HRC Tshirts). Eventually we found it (OMG, they have the BIGGEST Coach store ever. Ever!), and then...we decided to have supper there. My appetite has been super wonky so I wasn't all into spending real money on a nice supper, and they had a live band playing acoustic music). So we had a zero history and zero culture day. What dorks we are.

But we had fun.

Today my mom is leaving...tomorrow I'm not quite sure what I'll do. I'd like to suck it up and visit this one little market again, but I'll just see how things go. One thing's for sure is that I'm going to be super crazy and like...sleep until at least 10am. PARTY queen, I know.