In Beijing and a super lame tourist I paid a small fee for a website that is supposed to block China from blocking me from Facebook, etc. I know that's kind of lame...but it also blocked blogger which sucked. But now if it stops working, I figured out how to post via email. Which is lame since I should have checked that before.

So I'm HERE!!! When I landed I wanted to yell, I'M IN F8CKING CHINA, B1TCHES!! I seriously have been watching way too much TV.

My guide, Bruce (?) picked me, gave me the brief overview, and then I checked INTO THE MOST FREAKING AMAZING LIKE BLOW MY MIND hotel. I knew we had picked some nice hotels but I was not prepared for this. And everything is electronic. And I probably look like the BIGGEST loser ever only having an Ipod...I should have something way more complicated. The blinds are electronic. There is a tv in the bathroom. Oh - and the closet is actually a mini bar and Coca Cola is written in Chinese!!!! So yeah...this is what excites me. Right now it's 18h36 my body's time...but really it's 23h36 here. Not too bad of a time difference, but it will still suck. I'm thinking about going for a quick run to kind of unwind.

The flight here was 2/3 Chinese and 1/3 other. I slept a lot of the way. I started watching this movie with Tom Cruise where he sings a lot and I'm actually liking it. That's not saying much because I have horrible taste in movies and music, but I was actually impressed? I'm sure I'm naive and they can make anything sound good in the studio, but the singing was pretty good! And he didn't annoy me (I'm not a fan of his work. Except for maybe Cocktail)? I hope to finish the rest on my flight back to Joberg.

I started off the flight in Classic Nicole style. I screwed around on the computer for too long, missed the bording call, got lost in the airport (that I've been to probably 20 times or more!?!), and was the "Paging Nicole....You are the last passenger blah blah blah". Then when I got to my seat (after dragging my carryon down the isle because it's too heavy for me to carry) I couldn't find something I was looking for, so I dumped the entire contents of my purse on the seat next to me. This is something I do far too often. I buy a small purse, and then complain it's too small. So then, I buy a bigger purse or bag, and instead of just keeping things under control, I stuff that purse or bag to near-explosion. So if I have to find anything, I have to sit on the floor, dump out it's contents and then re-pack. Can you see why Louis LOVES travelling with me? He also reminds me when I've left my passport somewhere stupid (although he forgot his at home one this gives me some room. Except I forgot my passport the last time we came back from Canada together...crap, I forgot about that...). He also carries said huge bags because they are too heavy for me. When I watched the bellman at the hotel try to lift up my suitcase, I kind of felt sorry for him, but I TIPPED EXTREMELY REASONABLY, which is not something I tend to do. If I feel sorry for you, or you've been extra nice, or I don't have a calculator with me - expect big tips. I'm not sure if I want to change this or not. I just think that there were so many times in my life I didn't tip enough because I was practically making minimum wage, so now I kind of "owe" the tip-receivers worldwide extra tips. Yep, I'm stupid sometimes.

Ok, I'm obviously rambling from the two cups of coffee I had on the plane (so so so stupid) so I better go for a run on the treadmill.
I'm also in a very safe neighbourhood, and it's even safer because right now there is Chinese Congress so there is police all over the place. So tomorrow I'll walk (the thirty steps) to the mall and try not to gasp when I see something I know written in Chinese symbols. (So not gonna happen).


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