In Guilin!

Ahhhhhhh my day of rest combined with sleeping a lot today and a traditional foot reflexology and massage (for $20USD at this place across this street from our hotel!) and my qi (chi) is back. Traditionally, men give the massage, and since I was fully clothed, I thought it would be ok. I'm kind a freak when it comes to massages and even if the guy is super proffesional, it doesn't work for me.

My guy was good, except he wouldn't stop giving me googly-eyes. At that point I just started talking to my mom (something I detest when I'm trying to relax) because his googly-eyed-ness was making me uncomfortable. The massage was awesome and I can't wait to write a more detailed post on reflexology, it's truly amazing even though I had to go to get it done first (years ago) before thought it was like, real.

I'm still pretty tired and will try to go to bed early tonight, I've been fighting off a mini-cold or some kind of sore throat so I still want to rest a lot. We are in Guilin which is SO my kind of city. It's quiet and
GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pollution was spectacular in Xi'an. Beijing was more like big city smog, Xi'an was from burning coal.

Last night we went to this amazing show along with a dumpling speciality (Xi'an specialty) and I ate a full meal!! It was actually good!! There's a first for everything. :)

Tomorrow we are going to go on a 4 hour Li River cruise. For as cold as I'll be, I'm really really really really looking forward to it. Yesterday was a bad day for me and I was worried that I would be like plagued by bad days. Interesting how this weird creature of a brain that I have. I'm still not perfect but I'm certainly laughing and most importantly, acting super goofy, which is my favorite characteristic of mine.

I'm not able to access Blogger at the moment and I'm tooooooooooo tired so I hope the picture gets uploaded properly. Illustrates 2 main things: First, how I'm obviously not getting enough sleep (this was on the economy) and Second, how Louis is so lucky to have a sexy beast like me as a wife.

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  1. Thats so darn funny and so Nicole.Glad to hear things are a little lighter for you. Enjoy.Love G&G xxoo