In Hong Kong

China is the weirdest place. Like so, so, so weird. But not weird in a bad way, just weird like a....did I really just see that???
It's kind of like New York on speed. And meth.

If I didn't write about's because I was trying to stay positive but our guide in Shanghai was SOOOOOOOOOOO AWFUL. Either he HATED us or he HATED his job. Thankfully we had a free day. We gave the driver a gift and tip...and gave him nothing. I would normally feel bad about this, except on our free day we went to a lot of the places that were scheduled (and paid for already) with him, just because we wanted to enjoy our time and with him. (Also, tipping is very rare in China. It's very weird, but I understand the reasons why.)
So to arrive in Hong Kong...with this friendly driver and nice hotel and...dessert waiting for me as soon as I hit "send"...things are looking up. Also, I'm feeling better and my cold isn't so harsh. The worst part is that it was making me so tired! Last night I contemplated going to sleep on the toilet because it was a long walk to the bed! Bad mom has the cold. :S

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