Loser Day

Oh, the plans I had today.

I was so hopefully...Louis' flight was 35 minutes late which meant he might miss his connection.....but he made it. I had a doctor's appointment which means I miss the connection and will fly out tomorrow. But it's a Saturday which means no company plane, which means travelling Air Madagascar (which is not fun) and means leaving my luggage in storage in Tana until Monday or Tuesday when the company plane can take it (my luggage is TOOOOOOO heavy for Air Mad and they either won't take it or I have to wait until every single person has checked in to see if they have room. Seriously. Ok, I'm a princess, whatever).

I booked myself a hair appointment, I was going to get some last minute things I needed here

which is like a super nice mall that everyone goes to called Sandton City.

Instead....I'm ordering from this place called Delivery Xtreme where they take orders from restaurants in your area.

I'm not even going outside. I booked the hotel and I thought it was a lot closer to Sandton City, but I can't figure out how to get there and there is no map or anything in the hotel and well....I'm lazzzzzzzzy. I was cold on the plane and couldn't sleep and the flight crew was awful! I was surprised because on the way there I had a great flight crew! Oh well.

I'm pretty jet-lagged, which means quick to tears or frustration, and that's never pretty for anyone to be around.

I also forget where I am. Joberg is super confusing. In a lot of areas, you are in a first world country. BUT, it's also a third world country, with third world type service. I don't mean that in an offensive way and I don't know how to say it without sounding offensive.

I took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Here's what I wanted to do:
  • Check in (let them know I'm there but not officially check-in as it was before 10h00 and I didn't expect the room to be ready)
  • Store my bags
  • Get a car to the doctor's

Oh, I also had about 10 - 15 minutes to get this done. It took probably about 25 minutes, and everyone is looking at me like I'm a giant in China, looking at me for direction. The Front Desk Agent was visibly stressed by my request, which was probably made worse when I showed my frustration.

I like to think I'm clear with my directions, but many that have been here notice that people are trained to do a specific process, and when you ask for something outside of the process, you really mess things up. To several different people, I said, I'm sorry, I'm in quite a rush. Can you please store my bags and I'll pick them up when I return in two hours?

Response: Sure, ok, give the room attendant your key.
Um. Sorry, no. You can store the bags in your secure storage area.
I'm quite late for an appointment, can you store the bags here and I'll pick them up after?

And repeat and repeat.

I thought everything was understood, until I try to book the car (they always have a couple waiting outside) and a bellman comes up to me, Ok, just let me know when you're ready to go to your room and I can take your bags.

URGH!!!! I should have taken a deep breath but I was now visibly annoyed. I am always SUPER embarrased when this happens because they are honestly trying, it's not their fault, it's a lack of training and experience, and they don't need a cranky hotel guest when I'm sure they get that kind of crap every day - especially with the differences between classes here.

Placing a delivery order from a company that specializes in deliveries was equally as...frustrating...but I tried to be nice.

Anyway, sometimes I love my loser days...and...I'll figure out something to do with my hockey hair when I'm in MG. They have this one guy that can cut hair...sort of. I know, it's a hard life.