4% of Beijing is part of any organized religion, but there is lots of history and traditions.
I asked our tour guide to find us a temple on our day off and it turns up that we are staying not too far from the most visited temple in Beijing (we even had to buy tickets!)

In Chinese culture, you enter the temple, buy big bunch of incense, and let it burn and say a prayer. You're supposed to pray to the person that has passed away.

I thought a lot about what my prayer was and should be. My prayer was that i hope that Kelly knows how much he was loved, and I hope that he knows everyone is grateful that he is no longer suffering, and that i hope he knows that everyone will work together to make sure that everyone gets through his passing and no one will ever let his wife or daughter feel alone.

The smoke from the incense is carried up to the person that has passed away with your prayer.

So it's not christian, but when in Rome.....

Here are some quick pics of the day.

It's been very cold here and even rainy, but today it was the perfect temperature and sunny. The last picture is my favorite picture for that reason.

Also...for some lightness in this situation....a quick story. I have never burned incense before, so I lit the wrong end on fire and there was like a mini forest fire in my hands...I had to throw them in the fire super quickly. Thankfully I had a second bunch to use for the memorial. But I sorta caused a scene...apart from being the Godzilla in the temple.

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  1. Very nice.It doesn't matter where you pray your prayers will be heard. God Bless you. Love G&Gxxoo