October 2012 Recap

I'm beginning to write one of those posts that I'm never sure will end up getting published. I love writing down the craziness in my head, but sometimes I don't love sharing it. But sometimes, I love sharing it because then I get to let everyone that knows me back home what's going on and then I also get to look back and see how things were last month, last year, two years ago, etc.

So I'm copying what a lot of the popular bloggers do and doing a re-cap of the month. Unlike the popular bloggers, I'm not doing a link-back-festival.

Here goes:
January Plans
I had a lot of debate on where I should go. Costa Rica for a yoga retreat (which I hope to do one day), Montreal, or Montreal/Edmonton...I couldn't make up my mind. My "plans" are to spend a lot more time in Canada in 2013 so I kind of figured that the January trip would be my last non-Canada trip. Happy that I didn't make any plans because now Louis and I (and hopefully the girls - we're working that part out right now) are going to Edmonton and then Montreal. Also affecting my travel plans was a policy change whereby I receive 40% less. Still enough to keep on travelling, but certainly has an impact.

How could I not focus on China? I'm going there in ten days! I got my visa (which I think was less complicated than if I got it in Canada? I think that's certainly the first time that anyone has ever been able to say that about Madagascar!!). Some random travel info (that I mainly posted to get me excited about it...I know it's coming but it's still too far away to get pumped about it).

I skipped both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Even though I have so much to be thankful for and I love chocolate. Big mistake on both accounts.

Expat Acceptance
I'm not sure what took so long, but I finally gave myself a break for finding the rotational expat life hard. It's like I FINALLY realized that...um...yeah, it is hard? It's not easy? So if I'm struggling...it's okay because everyone else is too!! Just they don't analyse it to death! I couldn't quite put my finger on it when I was writing by Apple Crisp stories (sorry, very anti-climatic ending), but that's where I was going.

Sunday Fun
We had a golf tournament than ended up being a very nice and even nicer day was a trip to the lemur park. Louis and I haven't been off site in so long!!

We had a fake cyclone, which gave us a lot of rain. It's hot some days but still chilly other days (chilly = 26*C).

Isolation/Missing People
I'm so grateful for the people that stay in touch with me, but I still struggle with the people that I don't interact with as much anymore. I understand that everyone is busy (myself included) and that maybe I need more attention than people thought I did. Maybe my friends in Canada think they're keeping in touch and it's my expectations that aren't in line? I don't know who reads the blog and unless I tell them, Hey, please keep in touch with me because I'm sad we don't anymore....how are they going to know?

Peace Week and PWII
A couple of weeks ago, Louis and I were beat. Work is like crazy awesome, but draining. I have super interesting stuff, but at times it's stressful and certainly Louis' work is stressful. Tiredness and stress....doesn't bring out the best in people. Louis and I both noticed that we were being less patient with each other and more quick to be annoyed, so I started something called "Peace Week". For one week, we should intentionally watch our Ps & Qs and truly think about what we say before we say it. Apart from a few, "If it weren't peace week, I'd totally say....", we did an awesome job. So awesome that we decided to go for Peace Week II. It might end up being a hundred-part series, but it was a good exercise to show how small differences make for big changes. I didn't write about this on the blog because I don't want people to think we have like "problems" or anything. We have the same issues as every other couple and we figure them out as we go.

Maybe I'm not writing about this as much as I should. Work is good. Life is good. Relationships are good. But I'm not always happy. I focus so much on the negatives and I focus so much on the past mistakes or dwell on worries for the future instead of all of the wonderful things I have going on. Looking back, it's not just this month. It's been going on for a long time. Outwardly, I try to present an outgoing, happy person. But behind closed doors, I'm not always sure what I think. I did make a vow to myself that I would re-read The Happiness Project to see where I can make little tweaks and changes to help myself have more gratitude. I'm grateful for the big things in life, but I need to appreciate all of the small things too.

Oh geez. This certainly didn't get written about much on the blog but man, I was having a tough time with this one. I kinda wanted to cancel my China trip...which isn't rational. I contemplated taking a personal leave. I couldn't talk about the surgery very long without tearing up. My grandparents are incredibly special to me, and the last time that I saw my grandpa....it was pretty heart-breaking. He was tired and not himself. If you were to know my grandpa, it's that he's full of energy and always going. I understand that people age, but the person I saw was not my grandfather. It was upsetting. And worrisome as I didn't know when he would get his surgery. Then I found out he was getting the surgery, then started the OMGWHATAMIGOINGTODO panic...because I was here and they were there. Thankfully I had Louis and thankfully my cousin constantly text messages me updates. And Louis...he has been the most encouraging person ever. I can barely talk about how much that means to be without tearing up.

So October in review....a tough month. A growing pains month. I hope I can keep up with these month-in-review months to see just what happens every month. Kind of a social experiment....of myself?

I know. I'm crazy.

Oh, and I can't possibly not mention the day I just randomly thought back to our wedding day. Wow. I'm living quite the life.

  • Continue on Weight Watchers (even on holidays even if I go over my points. This is something that has been helpful- I'll share weight loss every six months because I'm a slow loser).
  • Here's a tricky one....Run twice week on vacation (even if this means on a dreadmill. You read correctly. I hate those freaking things...). It's freaking 30 minutes!! Who doesn't have 30 minutes???
  • By the end of the month, have twenty five small things that I'm grateful for. By small things I mean, I can't say I'm thankful for health insurance or a strong family. I need to focus on the small things.

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  1. This entry in your blog really highlites to those of us who know and love you how special you are. You have the ability of trying such interesting things in your new marriage and are always willing to share them with us all. You also always share your tough times but never without reassuring us that your Ok and not to worry. Your keeping our lines of communication open so nicely and for that we all thankyou. Thanks for all your love and concern. We couldn't be us without you. Love G&G xxoo