Plans for Last Day in HK

Today is my last day in China. Yesterday I was feeling pretty under the weather and exhausted and extremely anti-asian-anything. I stomped my foot and refused to eat anything remotely resembling anything Chinese. I'm still feeling the same way - I wish I wouldn't have come to HK and I'm so glad I came to HK!

I have a late checkout so here are my plans:
  • Super quick workout
  • Finish packing
  • Shower
  • Checkout and store luggage
  • Take the subway BY MYSELF to The Big Buddha. It's quite a long ways but easy to figure out.

I'll have five and a half hours to kill until my driver picks me up and then it's so long for this vacation!
 This has been an incredible vacation. Nice to spend time with my mom, nice to see how another side of the world lives, see some amazing sights and have some amazing experiences....but I'm looking forward to getting back to my real life. :)

I want to enjoy today, but it's hard not to be excited to get back home and hard not to be excited for the next two vacations - which are in Canada!!!

There are certain situations that make me anxious. Pushing and shoving and being a little lost are one of them. I have decided to.... enjoy myself today in MY way. I make this decision sort of with regret...I'm technically "missing" out on one last trip somewhere cool, but it's just something that's here, not something on this trip's bucket list. I don't want to seem wasteful....but I need to take care of my...mental health as well, and even though I have plenty of time, and the subway is well layed out...I'm taking a "me" day. Most of my suitcases are packed (we don't have a scale in the I hope that they aren't too heavy), and I'm going to get some lunch (ie: the Starbucks around the corner... :S), and go through pictures, watch some TV shows, and chill out. This "vacation" 6 times a year is wonderful, but I need to make sure that I'm well rested. I was pretty sick the week before I left Madagascar (more on that later, it pretty much sucked for a week, but it was all for the good, and it's  nothing jaw dropping), and I need to be healthy, rested, and HEALTHY!!'s not me, it's you. :D