I've missed my blog the last week and a bit. Internet has been the craps and I seriously didn't realize just HOW much I like... need to randomly write random crap.

In no random order:
  • So, so, so, so happy my grandpa is at home healing from his heart surgery. That guy is tough, but the surgery (or rather the recovery) is going to test his toughness. It's the whole "marathon" thing...slow and steady....which isn't easy when you're not feeling great.
  • I have a few things I'd like to confess: I am a super trashy hotel guest and air passenger. My thought process is this: I take anything from the room that won't be charged extra for (no, not toilet paper) and I take plastic baggies to take food from the airport lounges. I don't always like airplane food and I'm often on a different time zone, so I want options. I usually end up bringing home an orange or apple from the Madagascar lounge and it sits on the table until the day that I leave. But I want that option. As far as hotels, some of the expat wives have this program where any travel kits or toiletries we get, they collect, sort and donate. So technically, I'm doing a charity act here... So every day, I take the soap, etc, and put it in a Ziploc bag, and collect it as I go. They replace the soap, coffee, etc and every day before I leave, into my suitcase it goes.
  • I think mixing gingerale or soda water with orange juice is like the most amazing drink on earth. Gingerale isn't a big thing here so I can't ever find it.
  • I am a mega fake-rich person (I just act like I paid for the business class tickets, even though it's a company thing) and I like, start having heart palpitations if I don't get my champagne or orange juice the second I sit down. I take both, mix them, and the I'm soooo content for the rest of the flight. I also try to stay awake to buy Duty Free items (that I TOTALLY DO NOT NEED), but I have never been successful.
  • Sometimes I spend a ridiculous, attrocious amount of money because I CANNOT CONVERT CURRENCY. I gave a cab driver a $28 tip in Joberg. I almost want Louis to handle all things related to money, but I like being the boss too much. :)
  • I get a gazillion zits every single time I fly. I'm 32. Not 13. Come on body.
  • I am seriously dying of curiosity to see the ethnic diversity on my flight tonight. Like, will it be all Chinese people and will they talk Chinese on in-flight annoucements? If so, it's not as fun as when I fly to Germany because there is not a chance that I can read symbols and pretend I know the language.
  • Someone spoke to me in Africaans today and I'm super excited because I can add ANOTHER country that I can walk around in and not look like a freak of nature. This will not be the case in China, where I expect pointing and staring.
  • I have a friend that is battling cancer. His battle has been the most ridiculous rollercoaster ever. I can't even imagine anything that his family has experienced, however, I am so happy they are the family that they are, because they need all the support they can get. He's in the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton right now, and they are holding like...a "virtual" prayer, I guess you can call it, every day at 19h00 Edmonton time. Don't ask me what time zone that's in because time conversion falls under the same category as currency conversion. If you pray to Allah or Budda, or just think positive thoughts, or whatever... just send all positive energy his way. His name is Kelly.

Alright, 5 minutes until bording time. Let the adventure begin (um...after we land safely in Beijing. I don't really like turbulence).

Peace out!

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  1. Nice blog.We're still praying for Kelly but will particapate in prayer with everyone else. Have a wonderful China experience. Keep in touch. Love G&Gxxoo