Shanghai & Additional oversharing

We've safely arrived in Shanghai.
Flying isn't so bad, I have a Frequent Flyer with their affiliate companies so we get more checked luggage...with after the shopping is very, very appreciated.
We arrived around 18h00 at the airport....our driver was very friendly, our guide was VERY unfriendly. And very hard to understand. Let's hope he shapes up for tomorrow.
So seriously, we are going to have a hard time trying to revert back to speaking English normally. We really cut a lot of words out to try to simplify things. I'm sure I've said that a hundred times.
Tomorrow is a VERY active day, and I *think* I might have kicked this bad-sick and it's just turned into a cold. I hope. It's a super long day tomorrow.
If you don't like bathroom humour stop here. Just another random story.
In the airport while we were waiting for luggage, I think I nearly made my mom pee her pants laughing. I have a Pavlov's Dog Theory every.single.time I enter Walmart. We're waiting in the airport and it's all tired and serious, and I tell her, "So 90% of the time whenever I go to Walmart, I end up having to go take a crap. I don't know if it's the smell or what". A few of my friends know about it. It's really weird. I know, wayyyyy too much TMI, but this blog is all about over-sharing. :D

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