Today was our free day and we had a blast. I am SERIOUSLY getting a little too much attention. This afternoon was another photo-session.
I'm super tired, I've retired for the evening (I think it's 18h00???) and I NEED TO GET THIS COLD OVER WITH. It's wearing on me and I'm tired. I pull it together for the most part, but in the evenings, I struggle. I need to kick this!!
I've ordered a bowl of oatmeal for supper (probably for something stupid like $20USD), and then I'm headed to bed.
Oh, but last night we saw the most amazing, scary, spectacular acrobatics show ever. This is no Cirque De Soleil...this is insane. The little girl beside me had to cover her eyes a few times, a few times I thought I would certainly witness the death of a Chinese person....crazy. I'll post some more info on it, but here's the website I could find.
Ok - tomorrow I WILL FEEL BETTER!!!!!!


  1. Those small folks like that tallllll Canadian girl, eh! Keep having fun and get rid of that cold right now. Isn't there some kind of Chinese remedy for it? The Chinese have a remedy for everything.Love G&G xxoo


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