Snake Wine

I love Guilin and Yangshuo. Love, love, love, love. It's so beautiful here and ssooooooooooooooo green! I would have canned a few days in Beijing (especially since we didn't get to really visit Tianamen Square - just drive by) and spent more time in this area. So gorgeous. However, you won't be seeing any of those pictures today. Today you'll be seeing pictures of snakewine.
I kept telling myself that if I acted like I wasn't sick and pretended I wasn't sick, I wouldn't be sick. I Advil'ed up, took some extra vitamin C, and dressed warmly.
It didn't work. I kept going....thinking the feeling would pass and no. Body aches, sweats, sore throat. I went to sit inside and our guide Sandy Song (love it love it love it) told me that my mom had ordered a glass of wine, but not snake wine, and the wine that she was drinking was only 15%. Also, she was outside and taking pictures and talking to other people. Apparently, he would go upstairs and give her an update on every single move I was making as well.
I asked what snake wine is and he told me. I wanted to see it. He told me many foreigners drink it. He also told me it was good for when you are sick. Done deal.
I went and got my mom and the waitress poured us a glass.
Yum! Full of snakey goodness!
(BLOGGER SUCKS and I can't change any of the size of my pictures).
More pouring.
And here's the last chance to change our minds.
I don't know if it was my cold or what, but I had no problems slamming it down in 2 gulps. Everyone was freaking out since it's 52% and we were supposed to sip it. Um...snake wine? If I'm drinking it, it's going down the hatch.
It wasn't that bad at all? Kind of the same concept as tequila? Ok, so the snake filling up the jar was a little odd...

We're back at the hotel now...and I think I'm going to have Ichiban (or Chinese equivalent) noodles for supper. I can't manage to eat a lot these days (sick or China, not sure) and I'm cold. We're up (again) very early and going inside a cave and then off to the airport, so I need a good night's rest.

I needed Guilin. I was feeling so...stupid and confused and...frustrated in China. Guilin and Yangshuo are gorgeous and we had a fun day today, even if I had to make myself have a few self-imposed naps. That's the thing here is that you want to do EVERYTHING, but you just end up worn out. Along with Vitamins, water, gargling with Listerine (it works!), ginger, tea, and Snake wine, I'm trying to kick this cold/flu to the curb ASAP.

I'm sad to leave Guilin tomorrow! Sandy Song (our Guide) has been awesome! I can't wait to see what tomorrow morning will be like (I will not be sick. I will not be sick. I will not be sick. I will not be sick).

Nee how! (I don't know how to say Bye, however I can count to three!)

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