Some people are so smart. :)

I've been sort of chatting with a friend about my weirdness about feeling like there is nothing that I can do about a friend's death....and how the helplessness is driving me batty.
Grief and grieving is a one of life's unique experiences and we all grieve differently. Part of the acceptance piece is that we take in the reality in small doses – there's nothing wrong with that. Acceptance takes time and with acceptance comes the realization that there is nothing you could do to make the situation different. He was on his own path, not your path, and it would *almost* be disrespecful in a way to interfere with that. Be patient with yourself as everyone deals with death differently.
I love it. I think I need to write it down and pull it out everytime I'm feeling overwhelmed by sadness. I can still be sad, that's a given. But I don't have to "fix" anything.
Some people are so smart.
China update:
My mom and I are TIRED. While many people here speak English, it's a kind of English that doesn't always...well...translate. I think because of Madagascar, I try to use simple words, remove any "our", "is", etc.
Example: our air conditionning/furnace isn't working.
Easiest way of communicating this: Room too hot.
I have many more examples, and I'm probably going to have to re-adjust to speaking normally when I get back. Also....there was a French group of people...I feel kind of like a traitor because...I wanted to speak French with them. I hope this means I'm not turning Quebecois. :P
This evening, I think we were both overwhelmed with the craziness of NEVER knowing how to do anything. Brings me back to 3.5 years ago. :D
Tomorrow we are off on a river cruise! It's raining off and on here, but so GREEN!! Our tour guide, Sandy Song (which makes me sing everytime I think about it). I hope our guide is going with us, he's quite cute (not in a sexy way but in a nice way :P)