Sunday Pictures

Alright. I think I'm going to have to whip out my real camera every Sunday and take pictures of the goings' on. Some Sundays are more eventful than others. This Sunday was a weird mix of everything.

Saturday night there was a party (which I didn't attend) and it was cold outside so there were no pool activities. For some weird (good) reason, I have been getting up and going for a quick run on Sunday mornings. No idea how this started but it's such a great idea.

It rained last I had a few puddles to jump
 I'm sure that this little puddle is three feet in depth.
 Thankfully the sidewalks weren't flooded over so I could at least continue down that path. The blue fences are for villas that they are renovating into couples' units. Louis and I are both pretty certain that we won't be moved into one. But that's okay because our set up (2 rooms side by side with 1 room with a big bed) isn't too shabby.
 The ground must be higher at the back of the camp because this area is rarely flooded.
 However, it makes for an interesting obstacle course.
 I could run on the sidewalks but that's boring. When I'm in South Africa I hope to pick up a pair of train running shoes. I can't go off-site for runs (or I chose not to), and I like the gravel roads/puddles but I think I need different shoes.
 After Sunday Run #1.
 I always stretch lots on my way back. It wasn't yet 10h00 so I knew that I had lots of time to kill before Louis wakes up. He swears by his theory that if he sleeps twelve hours on Saturday night that he'll have the energy to get through the week. I kind of like it because I get to watch my crappy TV shows.
 Yes, I'm demented. I have no idea what this is...but it might be a frog. Lately we seem to have hundreds (or at least dozens) of them everywhere and I'm always worried I'm going to step on one. Ick.
And this is why my evening runs used to be a little complicated. The lighting is very poor and I'm not always able to see where there is "construction". Now I take the road and the potholes..
Our camp is FILLED with beautiful flowers and trees. It's like "they" try to trick us into think we don't live the Guantanamo lifestyle. :)
This is the THIRD house that got broken into in the last two months. It's very confusing how our villas get broken into when we have 24 hour roaming and stationary security guards, a chain link with razor wire fence and blocks of wood in our windows preventing them from being opened. It's the mystery and magic of Madagascar.

This is the truck that Louis shares with another expatriate. A new policy was issued a couple of months ago and he's only allowed to drive within...a 5ish km radius. Anything more requires a national driver.
 Very mild puddle outside our house. Usually Louis parks here and we'll wake up to find it rained. I either have to do some extreme gymnastics or walk to the end of the block to hop in.
The drains or whatever they've installed must be working because usually after a storm the water covers all of the area in black for a day or two and it's very deep. Yay drainage!
 Yah, yah, yah. It's never been drinkable so I'm never sure why they keep this sign up.
 Our swanky pad.
 My room. You can see by the mess why this is "my" room. I'm not even sure if Louis has a key.
Another reason why this is "my" bathroom.
Another (crappy) shot of our villa. We share both common areas with another expatriate (who we really like).
Finally Louis decides to wake up! I try to clean "our" room on Sundays because "my" room's mess has usually found a way to get into "our" room as well.
 Okay, so I officially found the best way to hand wash clothes that works so good. Take one of those giant Ziploc bags that are for packing. Dump your clothes with, dump in some detergent. Close up the bag and pretend you're making wine the old fashioned way (stomping on grapes)
 Dump out the bag (try not to flood the bathroom like I did)..Rinse off your clothes and as one of my favorite France-Frenchman says, Et Voila!
I'm a bit keyed up these days (more on that to come) so I decided to go for a 2nd run. Both runs were 28 minutes long so I didn't figure that I'd put myself out if I went a 2nd time. It felt good!
Louis' BFF came back from a holiday in Australia so we sat out and had a few drinks (no alcohol for me) and I went to bed and watched Degrassi High, Season 10. Not sure when (or if) I'm ever going to grow out of my teenager phase when it comes to music/tv shows.

So, the pictures are a little crappy, but it reminded me that I'd just like to start taking pictures again. I'd also like to put together a video of what camp life is like. Pictures are all fine, but videos show a lot more!! Maybe when I'm back from China.

And lastly, I'd like to send out a world wide web (I don't think it's called that anymore though) prayer for my grandpa and my family. I've gone through times in my life where I've been sick for awhile. When you feel like crap, it's *REALLY* hard to keep the big picture in mind, especially when there are no guarantees in life. It's hard to see that down the *REALLY* long road there is an end, there is hope, and there will be a time when things are easier. So if you're Christian, or Buddest, or Islam, or Agnostic, or worship your neighbour cow....I'd really like it if everyone could send their positive energy to my gramps and also to my family that's helping him through this. My grandpa is doing okay and is progressing all of the time. But there was and will be hard days where he'll take a couple steps back and they need all the help they can get.

So today's Quote Of Encouragement (if I can keep this up every day or a few times a week, that would be cool for me) is:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

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  1. Nice pics and I so enjoyed your tip for laundry. My Darling, I think this is only for you. I can't think of another person who would think of that. Thanks for all your well wishes. We certainly appreciate them and need them. One day at a time. Love G&Gxxoo