Sunday rambles

I think that when I'm tired or stressed or homesick or whatever, I am become a recluse. But sometimes, it's because I don't have enough hours in the day to just....hang out alone. Last night I didn't go to a get together because I wanted to do things that I wanted to do. Work on the on-line scrapbook albums I'm making for the girls. Watching Season 10 of "Degrassi" (I'm serious). Normally I would feel guilty for missing out an event....and while I'm dissapointed I didn't get to participate in the fun, I really really really needed a night where I just did "me" things. Louis still went (I wanted him to) and came up with an excuse. I hate to be one of those flightly people that never shows up...but I really needed the night off.

While all news has been mostly good about my grandpa, I don't think I realized just how stressed I was. I know that he's okay. I also know that my grandma/aunts/uncle/cousin are in for a long road beside my grandpa as he recovers. It's horrible to say but I'm jealous that I can't be on that long, hard road. They all know that I'm thinking about them. But I want to be there. They are doing more than I could have ever asked keeping me as involved as possible. Every morning I wake up to emails and texts as to how the day went. But it's hard because I just want to SEE it for myself. I have lot going on in my head lately. There are a lot of good things going on in my life to keep me distracted. My work is harder than I could have predicted but SO interesting. It's such a welcome distraction from everything else.

This has been a longer rotation and normally, I'd be dying and doing a countdown. But this rotation, I feel like I've finally figured stuff out and have a grove going. I'm leaving in just over a week and I almost don't want to. Without getting into too many details, I never realized just how stressful things can be when you have a good boss with good support. I didn't realize how there is this HUGE weight on your shoulders when you know you have to face another day working for someone that doesn't respect you and isn't afraid to show it.

I have a crapload of things to wrap up before I leave, and I will be working off-site sometime next week, but...after my China vacation, I'm looking forward to having more of the same kind of feeling that I had this rotation.

Ok, enough blabber. It's raining like crazy here. Last night I couldn't hear the my show because the rain was so loud (the TV goes out when it rains and all my "new shows" are on my computer). I should go take pictures outside, even in camp there are swimming pools big and deep enough that I could probably swim through, at least a lap or two. I need to start taking more pictures again too.

Ok, enough rambling. Hope everyone has a good week!