The Great Wall of Berlin Beijing

A million things to say and I'm just too tired.

We went to the Great Wall of China, and here is where I'll admit I am a total and complete super loser moron.

While I knew that the wall was built to protect the area during whatever dynasty...I also kind of got it mixed up with the Berlin Wall...and I thought once there was freedom of the people...that it got knocked down in part. WRONG. There's a reason I barely passed all history and geography in school.

Here are just two (I'll have to sort through another time) of the pictures that were taken of part of the wall. We didn't have time to walk all of the wall, just part of one section.

It was very nice.

And after a pretty rocky night last night, where I took off from holidaying, I went for a light supper, nap, and then for a massage. I'm so grateful that my family is able to go to the Canadian Celebration and that I'm able to go to a temple here and do my own Celebration.

Until tomorrow. :)

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