Three Years Ago

As I was reminded by my lovely husband last night, three years ago today (or yesterday depending on the time zone), we decided to talk to one another. We had passed each other hundreds of times, had a mutual friend, but hated one another because we both thought the other was a stuck up snob/jerk. :)
Also....I'm kind of thinking back to yesterday. I've mentioned before, I'm a hotel-cleptomaniac. I always take all the coffees, ice tea powders, hot chocolate mixes that they provide. The bag of stolen beverages this trip reached maximum capacity, and I can't be paying for extra weight in my luggage. So we put them in a super nice gift bag with a little bow that we had from one of our purchases, and arranged them all nicely and gave them to our super cute guide Sandy Song. Sooooooo............I just gave like a year's supply of a Chinese guy. Great thinking, Nicole.
(He got a tip too.) Maybe he can trade in his gazillion-year-long tradition and start drinking coffee instead of tea?

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