True love & b00bs

True love is special. I am speical. Louis pretty special too.

I had a doctor's appointment today (I'm healthy!) and Louis came with me. After my doctor's appointment, we met up with a friend who is here recovering from leg surgery and we walked to Sandton City for lunch, some shopping, and hopefully a movie.

We didn't have time to see a movie, but we saw this little booth that plays 3D movies while shaking you up and down and all around so that it's what they call a "4D" movie. It was only five minutes long and we chose "Snow Rollercoaster". Our friend gets motion sickness so he decided to get a coffee and meet us back in five minutes.

Louis and I put on our 3D goggles and immediately we were being thrown around and snow was blasting in our faces. This machine like REALLY shakes the crap out of you. Now, here's where the post becomes midly PG, so consider yourself warned. I'm also going to be mature and type in b00bs because I don't want the actual word to be in my blog and come up in a search engine. In case you don't want to read anymore about the b00bs, stop here. I won't judge. *cough* prude *cough*.

So Louis and I are killing ourselves laughing as we are being thrown around and really, really shaken. Emphasis on SHAKE. Now, I'm blessed with just about big everything, except for b00bs. So, this was a new feeling to me because my b00bs were shaking around like crazy. I yelled to Louis (it was just him and I in the 3D machine) that my b00bs were shaking like crazy and that he had to feel them!! We continued to laugh hysterically and he reached over and felt them. He couldn't really feel because he needed to keep both hands on the "roll bar" so that he wasn't thrown around too much, so when it was more shaking and less throwing us around, he leaned over and went in for another b00bs grab. It was like I was using a jackhammer or something. We both continued laughing hysterically and a short five minutes later, we came out, still laughing.

We were greeted by our friend, who was standing right outside the 3D machine, laughing. What we failed to see as we walked into the 3D machine was that the people inside the machine are broadcast to the people outside walking past the machine. So while Louis was feeling my b00bs shake like crazy, THERE WERE A LOT OF PEOPLE WATCHING US. Our friend heard one guy say, Did you just see what that guy did?!?!

Our friend took a picture on his blackberry....I'm not sure if it turned out or not. (Part of me hopes it turned out). We looked around and sure enough, the next people in line were being broadcase and you could see everything going on in the booth. So...we gave passers-by in like the biggest mall in South Africa....a super good show.

I'm happy that Louis is special too occasionally. Sometimes it's lonely being the only dork!

{Oh - and to make matters worse....Louis kind of looks...sort of like a pedophile right now because he's participating in Movember and growing what looks like the creepiest mustache ever!}

Ok, almost ready to board my flight to China. It's 14.5hrs long...I leave just after midnight and get there just before nine at night....b00bs boo for jetlag!!! (Come on...I had to!)

Here's hoping I"ll have access to Blogger while I'm there!


  1. I say once again ... you REALLY need to compile all of these into a book. :-)

  2. Oh My Gosh. You gave me the biggest laugh I've had for a long time. Glad to see you haven't lost your specialness as you've grown up. I love your specialness. I'll read it to Grandpa when he gets up. Have a wonderful holiday. Love G&gxxoo

  3. Oh! and I really hope the picture turns out.Gram.


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