Vacation Day

It's been a very weird long week (I'll write more later, nothing terribly dramatic) and I'm very happy to say that I'm spending the day in Johannesburg with Louis and then I'll be leaving at midnight for China. I wasn't feeling super well last week but I am officially fit to fly (and fit to vacation!). I have absolutely zero idea what any of this trip will even possibly be like!

I'm hoping that Blogger isn't blocked in China...if it is that means no posts until November 30th. I know that Facebook is blocked as well (THE HORROR!). I hope that iTunes isn't blocked because I'm trying to download some TV shows that I seem to have gotten myself hooked.

Okay, most boring post but just wanted to say hi!

{And most of all, I'm happy to say that my grandpa is doing SO GOOD! Not entirely smooth recovery, but he's at home! YAY!}