Boxing Day 2012 - in point form

  • Show up at work thirty minutes late because Louis and I are both TIRED! (We're so bad....we got to work at 07h00!)
  • Call my mom as I wasn't able to get through the night before (no tears)
  • Work until 12h00 and head to the cafeteria....with hopes of having that amazing cutlery again.
  • Try to hide my disappointment that we're back to the "pretend" forks again.
  • Work until 18h00 (slacker day...get to work early and leave early....)
  • Went for a run
  • Had a quiet supper and went to bed early. Almost slept through the entire night!
So, it's like that. Life is back to normal (whatever that means) and the thing that I think kept me going was knowing that I'd see most of my family in January and that I spent two weeks with my mom in November. The tears and the drama pale in comparison to two years ago when I was here around the holidays. Two years ago, it seemed like everything was so chaotic. Now it's even more chaotic, but in a way that's....I don't know. Healthy.

Speaking of health...I'm pretty tired lately. Louis and I both are. I'm not sure if it's because things have been bonkers at work and we've celebrated Christmas away from home, or if it's just how things are. Looking forward to Sunday so we can sleep in and relax.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!!!

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