Charity Beings At Home

Do I consider Edmonton or Canada the "home". Madagascar? What about charities that end up coming "home" in my thoughts?

In the past, I have had a history of going a little overboard when I have the budget for it. I make more money than I a few hundred here or a hundred there...or twenty five there...why not? I won't miss that money?

But at what point is too much?

I donate money here to a local orphanage, but that's stopping as of this month.

I help raise funds when a friend organizes some golf tournaments here.

I donate to friends/relatives that are running a non-profit race and every so often when tragedy strikes (like the hurricane in the US a couple of months ago).

Today, I bought some snowflakes on-line to donate to Snowflakes for Sandy Hook. The amount I paid for some cut up scraps of paper was a little over the top, so I cancelled my order.

So where does it stop???

Every Christmas, I *try* not to be too generous to the people here.

My wedding witness friend always gets something.

A driver that isn't that great but works for a tough crowd and won't get any tips always gets...$20 or so (which is around 25% of his monthly salary).

A driver that I don't use anymore but I really like gets a bit of money (although less this year).

Louis' driver always gets $50 - 75 which is a substantial amount of money, but he uses it to take his wife and kids to a different city to spend Christmas with their families. I also buy his children gifts (this year they are getting SUPER COOL hoodies with their names embroidered on them).

And then...there is the wife of man that I tried to help....survive. I can't even believe it was only a year and a half ago. I went through a pretty confused time for a bit. I didn't understand how some one's life was treated like a piece of trash. (If you didn't read my blog then, search for the name "Julien"). Anyway - last year, I asked my wedding witness to go shopping with me and buy some fun Christmas goodies and toys and a bit of money. It kind of ended in a not pretty way. The act of giving a gift wasn't as simple as asking my driver to drop it off. It came with some repercussions, and I'm not sure what to do this year. I'd like a friend's driver to drop off a small amount of money, maybe tell her it is from my old department. And if she asks him to call me and speak with me, I'm going to ask him tell her that he no longer has my number. It's hard for me to let a Christmas come and go without giving her a small gift...even if it's just a few dollars.

The Christmas money that's given out to the drivers - I don't have a problem with that. I think that's fine. Maybe it's a little Canadian-ee, but so well. The fact that I don't know where to start or where to stop bothers me. The fact that I'm one drop in the ocean....well, I want to be the biggest drop, but the ocean is just so incredibly huge.

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  1. Nicole it takes but "one" drop to make a difference!