Christmas Eve 2012 - in point form

{Yes, the point form is lazy...but I can't think of a way to write out the day's events. I must be ready for a vacation!}

  • Arrive in Toamasina around 07h00 on the charter - thankfully!!!!
  • Felt mega nauseous. I think it's due to lack of sleep and my stupid attempt to drink Malagasy coffee
  • Get sick.
  • Spend an hour and a half resting...come back feeling actually pretty good all things considered!
  • Get a very thoughtful gift from my wedding-witness.
  • Work until about 18h00 or 18h30.
  • Go for a run with an awesome Santa hat that lights up!!!

  • (You get the idea.)  

  • Meet up with my Expat family at the Tropibar for laughs and story-telling. Literally - various hilarious versions of "The Night Before Christmas" - tailored to our current environment - were read aloud
Oh, I can't forget to put up some pictures of our Christmas house!

(So yeah..we're one of 3 houses that put anything up (but one does have like a seriously nice Christmas set up!!!)
  • Helped my poor husband home. There were some new guys there drinking Vodka. He thought a few vodka shots would be fun. I got there and couldn't figure out why his eyes were so slanty.
  • Recorded a ridiculously stupid video greeting for our of our Quebec friends. I barely understand the humor and it's in Quebec slang...but it was fun to make and our friend will get a good laugh. Especially with Vodka-Louis...
It involved singing....
  • Woke up at 02h30 and can't sleep. At all. So, I decide to wrap a few Christmas presents some M&Ms that I bought for Louis. I figured I could buy some in the morning to replace them. And I couldn't sleep and was wrapping presents!!! Come on!! It's like an M&M emergency!
  • Watch as Louis wakes a half hour later with THE WORST HEADACHE EVER. He takes an Advil, but is convinced that if he ate something, he'd feel better. He goes to find the M&Ms....ooops. :S Sleepless nights for both of us!
Maybe we were just so excited Santa was coming!?!

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