Christmas Spirit

Yesterday, this showed up on my desk:
The gift box is made with handmade paper (and is super cool, actually!) and the manger scene is made from local wood and the card is from someone that I sort of work with. She is a very nice, caring girl and this gift surprised me and all know what's coming, Made Me Cry.

I sent her an email (translated):

To: Nice Girl
From: Nicole

Hi Nice Girl.

Thank you so much for the very lovely gift and card. (The box is also very nice too!)

Today I’m missing my family in Canada a lot, especially since I won’t be there for Christmas, so this was the perfect day to receive such a thoughtful gift. Your gift was very touching.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I hope that we can work together more in 2013.


Nice Girl replied later that day,

To: Nicole
From: Nice Girl

Hi Nicole,

It is not much but I'm happy that this little gift has touched you that much and and I am pleased to be able to bring you some comfort. I wanted to give it to you personally, but you were not in your office so I left the little gift in care of the receptionist.

I still hope that the holiday season will be pleasant for you even if you are away from your family.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming year.

Nice Girl

There's the Christmas spirit I was missing!!!! Just because my family is all over the world, it doesn't mean that it has to be a sad season for me! Christmas is celebrated all over the world!

To reinforce the sentiment, just before 09h00 this morning, I got a package!!! I couldn't contain my excitement and as I signed for the delivery, I think the courier thought that I was the craziest vaza ever!

And in the box? Two boxes of Candy Cane filled Oreos along with the funniest picture of my three of my favorite and most loved little kids, and two nice pictures of the oldest girl, along with the funniest note I've read in a really, really long time.

I love those kids equally (even the littlest one who I don't know that well yet), but in different ways. The middle one...I don't know. I don't even know what to say about her. She's"her". And cute and goofy and...I just can't explain it. And the oldest, well, I lived with her (and her mom) for a while and I honestly could not have been luckier. Living with that little baby/toddler (who is now so far from a little baby!) was the best thing that happened to me while I was going through a rough time. There is nothing better to be around than a baby/toddler while you're recovering from a broken heart!

Ok, enough sappiness! I miss everyone so much but there is so much that I can be happy about while I'm here. I don't want to jinx anything, but this Christmas is going much, much better than the first Christmas I spent away from home. THAT was ridiculous. Poor Louis.....I cried so much. Sure, I tear up now and again, but it's quick and...relatively painless. It snuck up on me yesterday....I couldn't figure out why I was feeling like such crap. I was tearful....I wasn't feeling good...I'm missing everyone, I worry about my family, and I struggle when I think of a family that just lossed a very, very loved one. But, that's how life is. Ups and downs and struggles and sadness all mixed up with joy and happiness. There will never be a "perfect" patch. I've heard this over and over again, but:

Never let perfect be the evil of good.

I need to remember that.

[For everyone that knows me, DON'T WORRY, I'm not going into sugar coma just yet. I've already portioned out all of the cookies into freezer bags. I'm not sure where I'm going to keep them but I'll be sharing, that's for sure. This week I gained 0.2lbs...which is not a big deal at all, but it's directly related to all the Christmas goodies that....I went a little overboard on. ]

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  1. I know how you're feeling. My first Xmas in Scotland, I had a big cry a few days before and had to call my mom in Winnipeg to make me feel better. The following Xmas, I cried that morning, but my third Xmas, although it was just my husband and I, it was one of the best Christmases ever! Christmas IS celebrated all over the world, and it's very satisfying and just nice to experience it from another country's point of view. I love the Christmas markets here, and Christmas in Germany (my very first away from home), was amaaaaazing! You should go to the markets in Frankfurt or Munich as part of one of your layovers.

    I resolved that although I hated that I was away from my family, Christmas is no day to cry, it's supposed to be the best day of the year so why ruin it with tears of sadness. You have to make the most out of your situation because one day you won't be in Madagascar (one day, I won't be in Scotland), and we'll be back in boring but amazing Canada, looking back fondly on our Christmases away from home.

    Plus, you get to spend lots of time on Skype!