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I think I was born with sensitive skin, just like people are born with green eyes, or a freckle on their nose.

By sensitive skin, I mean that, I can't handle a lot of...meanness, and I take a lot of things personally. In the last ten years, especially the last three years, I've developed a much thicker skin.

But in the last six months, I've been out of a lot of "thick-skin-required" situations, and I'm not as used to it as I once was. Which, I think, is actually a good thing. I don't aspire to be this hard assed lady, I aspire to always be as assertive as the situation requires, and always be as confident as possible. I'm a long way from where I aspire to be, but life is always a work in progress.

Recently, I got a shock when I was on the receiving end of a  "meanness" moment. Where someone is purposely an ass. I was so angry. And so ready to walk into the person's office and say things that shouldn't be said in a professional environment.

In the past few years, I can say that I've handled jerkness or backstabbing quite well. I take the initial shock, and then act as incredibly professional as I possibly can. I guess its how I cope with it, but it's also worked in my favor.

This recent incident is so incredibly minor, but, it just makes me sad and confused that people are mean to each other on purpose. Now, I may be hypocritical, because I'm far from nice to everyone, and I gossip every so often (or...more...), but to actually just be a jerk to be a jerk...I just don't get it.

There are so many things that I don't understand and when I don't understand something that I want to understand, I get extremely frustrated. (And I don't understand how I can possibly have used the word "understand" so many times in this post :P .)

But meanness - I don't want to understand it. Yep, I'm thin-skinned at times. Yep, I'll get over this, it's really not a big deal. And like I said, I'm sure I'm guilty of doing the same and just not realizing it.

But seriously. Some people are just jerks. I guess no understanding is required. Just acceptance of a not so nice fact.

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