Family Christmas

My blog's been pretty active the last week which usually means that I have a lot going on in my head and don't know how to get it out.


The visit to Tana this weekend, although it took a toll on my energy (weird eating times with crappy food, a bit of alchohol, little sleep), was sooooooooo good for my heart. I truly love Louis' family, even though I barely know them. But each and every time that I've seen them, I go away so happy (ok, happy and tired), and even though I don't get to see them often, I really, really enjoy our visits. The family dynamics are so different than mine - a grandma/mom, five siblings and their spouse, each with their own children (11!) and step-children (2-4...I can't keep track!) of all ages from 1.5 to 27!!!! I think most of the time I'm there I am quieter or chat with one or two people at a time. No - I think most of the time I'm there I just sit back and watch!

Louis' family has welcomed me from the moment they met me and...well, I think I'm pretty lucky. (We both are).

I think this holiday season, I've done soooooooo much better than the last time I was here over the holidays, but I was still feeling a little blah. So when the chance came up to see Louis' brother I was sooooo happy. We didn't get to see them for very long, I was super tired, yet I could have stayed at supper easily another few hours (we left around 23h30 I think). Louis' brother was so thankful that we came all that way "just" to visit him/fam....but we were so thrilled to come and visit "just" him and his family!!!

This morning on the way to work, Louis and both agreed that this weekend was sooo good for the both of us...and our homesick hearts. It was a chance coincidence, perfectly timed, and so wonderful!


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  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate this Christmas. God will always find a way to warm your heart. I bet his family felt the same as you and Louis. Have a beautiful Christmas together and we'll see you in Jan. Don't worry it will still look like Christmas here because of Ukranian Chrstmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS MADAGASCAR FAMILY. lOVE g&gXXOO