Getting over Sarah

Today I'm feeling much better (I think that thing called "sleep" helped a lot).
I actually have a long day.
It's 05h30, my flight leaves at 10h00, I get there around 14h30, and then stay at the airport (WOOHOOO!!! Tana airport! My favorite place!!!) until 18h50 and arrive in Tamatave at 19h35.

It's funny, but the main thing that got me out of my crying mood was a flashback to a movie called, Getting Over Sarah Marshall.

Takes place in a nice hotel in Hawaii
"Sir, we've received complaints about a woman crying loudly."
"Oh, wow, that's weird, I think it's coming from the floor above me.""Sir, you're on the top floor."
"Ok. I'll tune it down."

It's a funny movie if you're into that kind of humour.

Off to the airport.