I had the best bad day

Today wasn't the best day. Get your coffee or skip this one, because it's long and venting.

Last night, Louis and I sort of argued, but it's hard to argue when you're tired so we both fell asleep. It's not nice to wake up feeling like there's something unresolved, but we do what we do, and we start the day fresh (unless, I guess it's something huge, which would mean that we would continue to fight. Anyway, it's not important for this purpose).

I think I slept enough hours last night, but I don't feel rested. I was so exhausted. I didn't want to go to work.

I'm sort of (or really, I guess) sensitive to caffeine, yet I go crazy for my Starbucks concoction of 1 package of flavored coffee and 1 package of decaf coffee mixed with powdered milk. I would challenge a taste test if someone could tell the difference to the real thing. This morning I didn't have any flavored coffee, so I broke down and drank a full cup of Malagasy coffee that we have at the office. I think I'm still having heart palpitations.

I had a huge influx of a bunch of small (and a couple of big) things that all need to be dealt with at the same time. I'm good at planning and I'm good at multitasking, but yesterday and today, I am so all over the place that I can't remember what was said 2 minutes ago (thankfully, I'm a list person!!! But really, I have to write every single thing down). [Overall, I couldn't be happier that there is all of this work. It keeps things so interesting}.

While I'm working on a bunch of confusing and/or frustrating tasks, I have been listening to Christmas Music. Except today the station wouldn't work and kept cutting out. Like five seconds or more. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just li. SILENCE. SILENCE. SILENCE....tree tops glisten and.. You get the idea. Here's my stress releif and it's annoying the hell out of me.

Last night I ate a bunch of cookies last night that a friend brought back from Hawaii, and as a result, I was suuupper nauseous all day. Sugar overload, I guess? (Yes, I tracked the Weight Watchers points :P). I kind of forced some fruit for breakfast but at lunch, I just couldn't manage to get anything down. I few bites. Maybe it's a bug or maybe it really is sugar overdose (although I think I've eaten far more sugar at once before, but who knows). Around 15h00, I was starving. Louis has protein bars but I don't do well with them (I'd much rather just eat one for a meal and get on with it, which isn't healthy) so I try not to eat them. But I walked over to his office and got one. On the way there, we were on the phone and we both got snotty with each other about this one nagging task that we've both been saying we'll finish for...I don't know...months. I went to his office and I thought he was mad at me, and he thought I was mad at him, so we were both mad at each other (neither of us was mad. Love those fights). I took my protein bar and left (after I requested a different flavor, I didn't like the first kind he gave me. I'm sure that helped the situation).

On the way back from his office, I got whistled at. And then again. And then again. I hate this. If I'm walking around the plant site without Louis or another man, the noises, the looks, the gestures, it's ridiculous. I let THREE whistles go ignored. I turned the corner and it continued. I stopped, turned around, and walked back to the group of guys. I asked them who was whistling. Of course no one knew. I asked if it was someone hiding behind some bushes (there are no bushes). I said, I want to know who was whistling, and I'm taking your security badge (we all need one to be anywhere on the plant) to HR. They asked why. I said, because this is a place of work, and this is not how you behave at work. They know this. They just haven't been caught before. I let A LOT of things pass because this IS NOT my country. I am a guest here. But I'm at my job site. I'm at my place of work. I'll put up with the staring. I'll put up with the joking (that I don't understand because it's in Malagasy), but after FOUR whistles, right outside my office. I had enough. I told him I have taken his badge number, and he can tell all of his friends and co-workers, that if this happens again, I'll be letting HR know who he is. I don't know what our company policy states, but the fact that I can't walk anywhere on site without a guy with me is ridiculous. If I happened to be a Senior Manager or Director, this would not be accepted. I deserve the same respect in that sense.

I got back to the office and was still fuming and angry about everything.

I tried to find a couple of documents that I couldn't find, so I started sorting through some files, throwing half of the stuff on the floor. As hard as I could. I was truly having a temper tantrum. I was pissed. Like, mega, mega pissed. And my Christmas music still isn't working.

I could go on. Well, I already have gone on enough. It was still the best bad day.

I came home. Changed into running clothes. Started running but stopped to catch up with a friend that I haven't seen in a week or so and I was just thinking today that I kind of missed him (I asked Louis to tell him this morning that I missed him. I'm not sure how he would have done that in the morning meeting with 15ish people...). I went for a run - that wasn't fantastic. But I ran anyways. I met Louis at the bar and they were out of sparkling water, so I had nothing to drink. We went to the cafeteria. The food was looking disgusting (and contained a lot of duck), so I took soup and added chicken and rice and cut up veggies, and forced some of it down.

And then I spent the next thirty minutes sitting outside our place, chatting with Louis, with no where to go. We just sat and chat like we would if we were living in the normal world. Then we went out to the patio and chat with our neighbour-friend and another friend for a bit. Where this story was told. We laughed. I like Louis and me. :)

And then I remembered my stupid plan for Christmas for Louis. I didn't buy Louis anything big for Christmas, just a bunch of little things. So I was going to do "The 12 days of Christmas". Buttttttttttttt with everything going on, I forgot. So I quickly changed it to "The 10 days of Christmas", got the dollar store Christmas stocking I had, wrote the number "10" on the stocking and we began "The 10 days of Christmas". The sentiment was appreciated regardless of the 2 missing days. Except Louis thought I bought him a weird mini-tube-purse, instead of what the gift actually was - which is a beer cooler that you throw over your shoulder so you can take it to the pool. He loved it when he thought it was a purse and he loved it when he realized it was for beer. LOL.

(I'll do a 10 Days of Christmas post...especially now since I have to figure out how I'm creatively going to change it from 12 to 10...).

And here is why today's bad day, is really the best day ever.

I have a job that I love along with the skills that I need to do my job, I have an amazing man as a husband (bickering and all), I am so well fed that I couldn't eat much today, I have people here that I care about (and vise versa), all my family is okay, I have fallen back in love with (short distance) running, and I AM healthy.

My fingers spent all that time typing how "bad" my day was, but if I really took the time, I could fill twelve pages of all the things in my life that I'm grateful for, but don't always remember it. Today made me really realize what a great day I actually had. TODAY, was the best, bad day.

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  1. Right on/ I'm so happy you took the time to smell the roses. See you soon. Love G&Gxxoo