Living the louse free life!

I totally forgot to write about the wonderful gift I received from China. Head Lice. On the way back I knew something wasn't right. I had lice as a child...I remember what it was like. I had a look, got Louis to take a look, then went to the doctor's on-site.

It was a gong show.

I put a plastic bag on my head while I wait for my 'treatment' to arrive (when I went to the doctor at first he sent me home with dandruff shampoo. He called back a few minutes later to say he had the right stuff so I sent the driver back while I started housekeeping. The driver had a pretty big smile when he came back and saw me with a plastic bag on my head).
I sent all of our linens and clothing in for hot washing...and since I didn't have a vacuum, I sprayed the bed with tropical-strength RAID. Probably not super healthy for us...but what else can you do.
I would have preferred a more "first world" or even a natural treatment...but I was prescribed acid.

No, not this kind of acid.
This kind of acid.

I had to leave it on for TWENTY FOUR HOURS. I went to work with it even. I accidentally got it on my face spent 20 minutes in the shower just letting the water trickle down my face. Fully clothed. For 10 of those minutes, I debated if I should call a driver to take me back to the doctors because the pain was incredible. A week later and my face is still sensitive. I looked up the treatment, and it's the oldest, cheapest (but still effective) treatment around. Had I known, I would have just gone into town and found something less....painful and invented in the 20th century...or found a lemur in the backyard to help me out.

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