My January Dream Vacation

I'm really tired. While things are hectic at work in the best possible way, I'm super, super tired. Like, I want to learn how to sleep with my eyes open.

I think that it has something to do with putting in such a big effort to focus on all of the great things in life and fighting the...melancholy (ok...let's face it...mega homesickness) from being away from home for Christmas. I think that after New Year's, I'll have to work less at fighting being sad, and I'll just be excited to go home for a post-Christmas celebration.

We're leaving January 15th, arriving in Edmonton on the 16th, and then the girls are meeting us on the 18th! We're only staying until the 20th, which isn't long enough at all, but I wanted to try this really cool concept the upcoming rotation. The concept is to do as little as possible, make as few appointments as possible, and make as few errands as possible. Like, I want to go two days without changing out of my pajamas. How's that for a lofty goal? I'm not sure if it's actually going to work because it always seems like we end up with a million things to do. But I'm trying to postpone as many of those things as possible until the rotation after that. I want to spend as many of my days back in Quebec as follows:

  1. Wake up when Louis takes the girls to school. Eat breakfast of yogurt/berries/nuts with some amazing coffee
  2. Wait for Louis to leave and then get Maggie the dog to come cuddle with me (she's not allowed to be on the bed, so she'll run back into her cage when she hears Louis come home)
  3. Sleep in with Louis
  4. Lay on the couch and watch TV or a movie, or read
  5. Go for lunch at a cute place and drink warm alchoholic beverages OR eat canned pea soup out of a mug with Gingerale and OJ. Seriously. I think too much about the Gingerale/OJ combo.
  6. Go for an afternoon run (outside in the snow!!) or hit up a Bikram yoga class if I can find one nearby
  7. Nap
  8. Cook supper or order in
  9. Take Maggie for a quick run/walk around the block
  10. Spend the evening on the couch with Louis, the girls, and Maggie
Several days might involve no #6 or #9. Which is fine by me.Ahhhhhhhhhhh....just writing this down makes me feel more relaxed. I'm so excited to see my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But after that, I'm sooooo excited to be the laziest person ever.

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