New Year's Eve with A Little Sappiness

This is actually my FIRST New Year's Eve in Madagascar! Although I spent Christmas here in 2010, I was in Belgium for New Year's....ridiculously tired...and in bed by...20h00? Wow. I went through a rough time there for a while and it sure showed in my energy levels. Anyway.

This year, a few friends got together and decided to throw a party. There is also a party at the Tropical Bar...but we weren't sure how well organized it was and we didn't get the official announcement until the we went ahead and planned ours.

Today, two friends/co-workers and I went into town to buy MORE alcohol (I think we had enough) and juice, pop, etc. Anyway, there is a Duty-Free store and we went a little crazy. I think we'll have enough for every party in 2013. Then we went to Score, which is like our Walmart, except about 1/214 of the size and 1/4819481934 of the selection. The two friends I went with are guys. Who were not happy to be sweating their b@lls off waiting in this line up
The line was about 25 people deep. Each person takes about...7-15 minutes. Or more. The boys were babies. They actually had to take breaks. And like, complained A LOT. Yes, it's hot and yes, it's sweaty and YES, IT SMELLS VERY BAD. But it' Like, nothing shocking there! (Although 2 different times I went and stuck my head in the fish freezer. It sort of helped).

We got back for lunch and worked a bit and then it was off for the day.

I just came back from a quick run (that was so hard and I don't know why!) and I'm off to get ready for the party.

I have read so many blogs that do this recap of their favorite posts or their top ten whatever in 2012...and I'm getting pretty bored of them. (Sorry, no offense meant if that's what you're planning on doing. I'm sure I've done them in the past). I'll just say a few things about 2012.

It was a year of an incomprehensible number of ups and downs, ending with so much....hope and excitement for 2013. I'm just so excited for the future. I'm so hopeful of so many things in life. It's not to say I'm not expecting a lot of ups and downs, that is life. That is the only part of life that stays the same. Which brings me to my New Year's resolutions.

There some tough ones...and tough ones to share. But here goes. I'd like to take every opportunity I can to "trick" myself into worrying less - until my un-worrying becomes a habit. (Or I could say that I lose the worrying habit). I'd also like to be more positive. I'm not saying ignore all of the negatives, but to think of the best outcome. It's not something that I'll ever be perfect at, but I'm learning how to be more and more positive. If there's something that's going wrong or something that's challenging me too much, I want to think of the best outcomes and take everything ONE day AT a TIME.

And the big ones? I'd like to care less about what people think of me and more of what I think of myself. I think what I'll end up doing is set out some monthly goals, instead of just saying all this crap and December 31st, 2013 comes and nothing's different.

And most off all (prepare yourself for some sappiness), I just want to be happy. And I want everyone I love to be happy, but since (I've learned) that's way out of my control, I'll wish them all of the happiness in the world.

Happy New Year and All THE BEST IN 2013!