November 2012

It's December 5th...which means I'm past due for my Monthly Recap (who knows how long this will go on for). My November Goals were:
  • Continue on Weight Watchers (even on holidays even if I go over my points. This is something that has been helpful- I'll share weight loss every six months because I'm a slow loser).
  • Here's a tricky one....Run twice week on vacation (even if this means on a dreadmill. You read correctly. I hate those freaking things...). It's freaking 30 minutes!! Who doesn't have 30 minutes???
  • By the end of the month, have twenty five small things that I'm grateful for. By small things I mean, I can't say I'm thankful for health insurance or a strong family. I need to focus on the small things.
Um...I totally sucked.
Weight Watchers
I've lost a bit (I'll let you know when it gets to 10lbs overall, I think I get like a STAR or something), but as far as keeping track of what I many points is a bite of rice and a piece of meat that tastes like the bottom of a garbage can?
I didn't track. I didn't make healthy decisions. I drank a lot of Coke. Near the beginning of the trip, I ate anything chocolate in the mini-bar. But, I lost, and I'll continue to track now that I'm back.

I was gone for two weeks and I officially worked out 3x. I'm short one work out session to make my goal. I got lots of physical activity walking around and climbing things, and I'm not going to be too hard on myself about the missing workout.

There were things that were more important, like trying not to die from the China cold and SLEEPING.

25 Thanks
TOTALLY BOMBED. I gotta re-evaluate this goal. While I want to be thankful for things and develop a stronger attitude of appreciation, I'm not sure this is the way that I want to go about it.

How the month went overall:

Absolutely chaotic.

The first few days were normal/ok. Then the next week was an absolute surprising week. It wasn't horrible and it was for the good, but it was kind of stressful. I tried to rest as much as possible on the downtime.

The vacation was amazing, but as I've written, on the first real day we were there, a friend passed away. While this still upsets me, I'm learning a lot about myself as I grieve. I know I cried a lot. I know I felt horrible a lot. And yet still had a fantastic time on vacation. I don't know how that works and I don't want to understand it.

I don't know how I can have such few words for such an incredibly eventful month, but I think they'll come once I sort out my pictures.

  • Continue tracking Weight Watchers and running
  • As of today, wake up early every Tuesday and Thursday to do a 20 minute morning yoga session. This one is going to be tough, but I'm trying to try out different ways to start off my day.
  • Not cry every day when the holidays near. 2010 Louis and I stayed here during Christmas, and he always jokes that we should have bought stock in Kleenex. Find different ways to deal with me missing my family and friends and snow. That's going to be a big one too.
We'll see how this month goes! I'm kind of looking forward to it!!!

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