Random Tuesday

I just looked and my last post was December 5th...it's almost the end of the 11th.

I'm here but I'm finding that I don't have a terrible lot to say. I can't recall a more hectic first week back from rotation before. It's usually a little bonkers, like it is when anyone goes on vacation and comes back. But this time I haven't had a moment to really think and I have so many things on my to-do list that my brain is full and if I don't write things down, they're forgotten a few minutes later.

It's a good busy, and I actually have a few things on the go that for some reason are giving me encouragement that maybe my work will make a difference here, and after some time of frustration, I'm getting help from a new source that I think will help things along. It's an interesting world of Internal Auditor. No one likes getting audited...but I like to take a different approach and conduct a...operationally minded audit. I'm not going to recommend that you follow procedure #123, if you're operationally struggling to meet the minimum requirements. I like to work with the people to come up with a reasonable solution that will make me happy and is acceptable to the internal client. But there are miscommunications and errors (on both sides, I'm sure), and that doesn't always work. I can't be all nice and smiley all the time (nor should anyone have to be), but I think (now anyway) I try to take the ick-ness out of IA. Who knows. It's all a very interesting time for everyone.

I have a bunch of China pictures that are sort of ready to go up, I think I'll just post them in whatever order I feel like, kind of like my Madagascar vacation earlier this year. Maybe I need to change up my "Travels" page.

Anyway...I'm still here! I can't wait to get my pictures sorted, it's amazing to see again everything that we did!!

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