Ready for Canada

I know you're all dying to see my pedicure so here ya go. Hope you weren't eating breakfast while reading this. :)

It's a little bit more bright than I'd normally do, but I wanted something different since it's been a gazillion months since I've had a pedicure. You also get a view outside my office. Which I'm currently trying to organize. Beleive it or looked worse than this for the last six months.

The pedicure place was awesome, I'll totally go back, especially since they'll take appointments on Sundays.

More personal grooming news:
It's been at least a month since I shaved off part of my eyelashes. They are growing back...slowly.
I'm getting my hair dyed here. I found a place that I'm comfortable enough giving it a try. Worst case scenario is that it looks brutal and I'll buy a box of brown hair dye and ask a friend to help. Well, actually, the worst case is that my hair falls out, but that's a little crazy. I don't have a lot of time on vacation to get the hair/nail stuff I want to try to get it here. I'm going Saturday night, how's that for a good time.

Yesterday I wish I would have taken my camera with me to the pedicure. I think I'm going to copy some ideas I've seen out there and make more videos of life here. Pictures can only capture so much. Also...I'm hoping it will spark my love for Madagascar instead of "F*CK it's annoying here".

I think the biggest thing that will get rid of my "I dislike you right now MG" will be a visit home. I need to relax, and not stress, and just not think about anything. The girls and Louis will be coming to Edmonton which usually results in me being stressed out, and trying to make everything perfect, and everyone happy, but I'm really trying not to give a sh&t about anything and have minimal plans except for hanging around the family and a a small get together after our Christmas party. I'm currently listening to Christmas music as I type and I think it will help me get out of this crappy mood.