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It's a Monday, and no one ever knows how a Monday will go.

Today - I'm hated just a little bit more than usual, which probably means I'm doing my job, but...sometimes I'd just like if we could all get along. I'm a pretty reasonable person (at work, anyway), not the typical "auditor" that swoops in, takes a quick snapshot, and then sends some mean report with all these ridiculous recommendations.

So this afternoon, randomly I Googled imaged "have you hugged an auditor today?" Google Image search is awesome.

Important to Note: This was purely for experimental purposes only. DO NOT attempt to hug and auditor. We don't like it.

Anyway, the results were funny. And a nice way to end my day.

Ok, this picture was found with the caption, Have you hugged your Building Custodian Today? I don't get the penguin reference. And is hugging your Building Custodian something people do on a regular basis?
I have a weakness for cute dogs and a weakness for cute dog clothing, but there is no way on earth this would ever go on my dog. (Or my step-dog :P).
WHAT?!! I swear race horses are junkies. Whenever I see one....I think that's what people look like when they do cocaine or meth. You wanna hug a whatever hundred kilogram beast tripped out on meth?
 Is this sexual!?!
 I kinda want to get this shirt. I kinda would need a bodyguard.
Ah, it was good for a laugh for me anyway.

Well, the day is over and done and I can go back to annoying the crap out of people tomorrow.

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