Sympathy Pains

You know that phenomenon where husbands feel like "sympathy pains" while their wife is pregnant? I think I'm having "sympathy temperature pains" for Edmonton. I'm cold.

In Edmonton, it's -24*C right now.

 In Tamatave, it's +30*C (+44*C with the humidex).
Our office is air conditioning is set between +22*C and +24*C, which I think is normal? Like even in Edmonton hot summer weather?
I'm sitting in my office in a hoodie.
Freezing, drinking hot chocolate.
I'm not sick. I've been like this since the summer started. Today at lunch, I took off 1/2 of my sweatshirt (it's a hot look when you have one arm out and one arm in.....) and I only took it to use as a pillow when I laid down by the pool.

Like, WTF?!????????

(Also, I am going to die in January).

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  1. That's not unusual. I know journalists who have been to Afghanistan who scoff when they're told to bring warm clothes, and then then when the temperature drops from 50 C during the day to 30 C at night, they're cold and looking for a hoodie.