Today's Thoughts

This seems incredibly "social media-ish" and impersonal, but, it's my blog and I'll write what I want to, write what I want to, writtttttte what i want to. (You're only sort of lame if you can't figure out the song I'm singing that to :D ).

So here goes.

To everyone who isn't feeling their best right now, I think about you MULTIPLE times a day and pray every night that the next day is better than the last.

To everyone who is missing someone special, I think about you ALL every night, and always pray for strength and peace.

And to anyone that worries or wonders about me, I am okay. Maybe it doesn't always seem like it because this blog isn't a spew of rainbows and sunshine. And I haven't always been able to say that I am okay. I'm safe, loved, happy, and a work in progress.

I wish EVERYONE and their families and loved ones a Merry Christmas. A safe Christmas. (Or an adventourous Christmas if you are, say, in Hawaii or DISNEYWORD!!!!!!!).

I'm sure I'll have a few posts from now until December 25th, but I wanted to say it before in case you're away from your computer that day. (I'm way technology behind and realize that most people raed this on their phones or iPad or whatever).

MERRY CHRISTMAS may you all be safe and happy and feel loved this Christmas. Please eat as many fun Christmas-like chocolate and candy things on my behalf. (Those Oreos are long gone...but I shared..some :S)

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  1. Bless your heart an Thankyou for your good wishes. On behalf of your Canadian family I can assure you that we will do our best to eat as much as we can to uphold all traditions. We miss you but are really looking forward to our January Christmas with you and your family.Love G&G xxoo