The New Year's Eve party was a blast. I kind of babysat my drinks because even though it's NYE, we still had to work the next day. I was so bold as to not go into work until 08h00, but Louis went in at our regular 06h30 time. I know, I'm bad ass.

The party guests were the best mix of people. It's weird how expatdom makes you have friends that you normally never would have even met. A few Cubans, Canadians (Albertans and Quebecers), Jamaicans, French, Malagasy, Burkinab√© (from Burkina Faso), Peruvians.....I think that covers it all?
Ages people ranging from 23 to 60. There were a couple of songs played that I loved....that I remember listening to when my parents had a house party. It was a good time. And yes, before you even ask, we did all do the Gangham Style dance, and it was ugly.  There is video.

This is my first NYE spent in Madagascar and it was a great, awesome time. Louis was dancing with me all night.
And instead of fireworks, we had exploding confetti. {Which was cleaned up the next morning, although I truly don't  know how.}
My contract will be extended for the remainder of the 2013 calendar year, however even if it's pushed a little bit into 2014 (Louis' ends March 2014), our rotations are scheduled such that we're off the island Christmas and New Years (thank goodness). So my first NYE in Madagascar will most likely be my only NYE in Madagascar. And it was a blast. 
Back to reality.....I'm having some....girl-issues and finally this afternoon, after 1.5 days of being in pretty bad pain, I went to the clinic. I feel like there should be a special entrance for me, since I visit there all the time. Like, Star Alliance has a different boarding line for their places for frequent flyers. Anyway, one option was to get a shot of painkiller in my butt. I was worried, I didn't know the severity of the shot, and if it was dangerous for me, etc. Turns out it's a higher dose of ibuprophen, just starts acting faster. After asking my million questions, I said to the doctor, "Ok then, shoot me in the ass. Please." Didn't get a laugh from that. Didn't get even a glimpse of a smile. All I got was a shot in the ass.
[FYI - I'm in less pain and should be good as new tomorrow and it's really even remotely serious.]

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