Ahhhh Canada

I'm mostly sleeping through the night finally (like a good baby :P) but I wake up pretty early. Louis is off to Quebec City to visit his mom until Friday afternoon and I'm staying here with the girls. I'd like to go but timing is short so this is what works.

Louis dropped the girls off at school, I got ready and then he dropped me off at the mall. None of the stores were open so I had a coffee and then.....WENT TO WALMART. Ok, I know it's the devil and everything is made by three year-olds paid one grain of rice a day....but how can I resist a place that sells this kind of stuff (for $15CAD) and toiletries and pens and stuff?

 (I nearly bought the Star Wars one for Louis except I would be too jealous of all the lady-attention he would get).

I bought stuff I wanted to bring back to Madagascar (nothing fun), then played "Grandma-for-a-day" and continued the rest of my errands via taxi. I had planned on renting a car here, but left my license in Madagascar. It's sort of annoying waiting for a taxi (I had to cancel my gym plans because I waited to long and the girls would be home from school) but I think in the end, I save myself lots of money. Even with stopping at two different places and making the cab wait for me, it cost me $25. Even if I spent $200 on taxis, it's still cheaper than renting a car. And I have I mentioned it's between -24*C and -30*C?? Anyway, I kind of feel like a granny getting my taxi to take me on my errands (and cataracts appointment, ha ha), but I had such a good morning! Walmart, coffee, errand running, and I was back by noon!

I made myself a smoked salmon and dill salad (I've been over doing it on the salad and fruit....but I miss it so much!!) for lunch,

ordered a movie on Louis' fancy TV (I only had to call him once to figure out how to get it, which is a freaking miracle), and then had a nap.

Laurie came home from school, helped me make an awesome supper, and then we did the dishes together and randomly chatted. Like, in such a normal way, not a "you're my dad's wife" kind of way. (Which I'm not sure what that means anyway). "Blending" families is never perfect but I have to say (again) that I've lucked out as the girls are so good to me.

I think going to the gym tonight is out since it's too cold, the roads are bad and I'm sure that the taxi companies are going crazy, so I'll stay where I am right now. In front of the fire place with Maggie the dog on my lap. Pretty perfect day.

{And my grandpa is doing better today. Thankfully!}

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