This is going to sound like a joke, and maybe I'm filled with "ready-to-leave-the-island" craze...but I was just talking with a friend and I came up with the most exciting plan.

As of today, I'm expected to be here until December 31, 2013. Louis is going to be here until May 15, 2013.

I'll stay a few extra weeks packing, maybe take a trip to Isalo Park or Morondava, and then I'll fly back to Canada. For the next two weeks, I'll sleep.

And after that, I'll apply for a job at Starbucks or Café Depot and work there three days a week. That will get me out of the house so I don't go crazy, give me ample of free time to go to spin classes (oh yeah, and most importantly, find a job!) and maybe by the time Louis gets to Canada for good, we'll be well underway to having secured employment.

I DO NOT want to trivialize the importance of a Starbucks or Café Depot as they have brought me a lot of happiness, ESPECIALLY in my post-Canada life. The amount of time that I spend thinking of going for a drive-thru coffee....well, it's not sane. But I think working there would use a different part of my brain. A part that I don't use very often or very well (I spill everything, I trip all the time, and my people skills aren't always fantastic). But it would be different type of work environment that I would really enjoy.

Never thought I'd wish for a barista job. Actually, I don't necessarily want the barista job, I'd kinda like the job that pours the coffee and puts the treats onto plates. (I'd also need to find a coffee shop near our gym!!! I'm down 9lbs and I want to the scale moving in that direction!!!! :D)

In other news, it seems the closer it gets to my leave date, the more emotional I become. I'm having more trouble concentrating at work....and more moments of trying not to cry. I'm tired. I'm homesick. I'm burnt out. Not every rotation is like this, and all-in-all, I had a fantastic rotation. I made so much progress in so many aspects of my life and work.