Brain Rest

So ya, I think my brain or nerves are fried. Or my tiredness is catching up to me.

This morning I couldn't find my keys. It's happened before, if you can believe it!!

This morning was different.

We live in two rooms. 10B3 and 10B4. For some reason, only I have the key to 10B3. Yep, we know it's a stupid idea. Also, all of my "sh*t" is in 10B3, so I can keep it as messy as I like. I clean it once per rotation and it looks all pretty. Then I come back from rotation and turn it into a disaster.'s like my dirty little secret (that's not a secret) that I like. I try to keep 10B4 clean so Louis doesn't have an anxiety attack when he walks in the room and sees a massive dissaster, and then 10B3 as I feel. We're different. :D

I couldn't find my keys. I had a meeting at 08h00 that I wanted to prepare for. That I was kind of stressed about even. I had already locked 10B3 and there was a strong possibility that they keys were in there. Louis doesn't have the key.

So the only natural thing to do would be to start to panic, like completely freak out, and start crying, right?

Yeah. Of all the things going on that could make me cry, it's this. Like, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't think of how to fix the situation. As far as I was concerned, my keys were lost forever in the mess next door (I'll take a picture tonight to show what it's like), I would be late and/or unprepared for my meeting ( was 06h15...meeting was at 08h00...), and it was the end of the world.

My nerves and brain need a rest.
While this rotation has been awesome in so many brain needs a rest. I'm assigning any decisions that need to be made from the 15th to the 28th to my family or Louis (totally not going to happen but....maybe for the first few days).

And I hope to go for a run at lunch today. I think my brain needs it!!!!!!!!!!!

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