I'm not sure why but today I am in the crabbiest of moods. The day started out okay but by the time I had landed at customs in Johannesburg, I was crabby and pissy.

It just started to get worse and worse. Although really nothing got worse.

I had a great taxi driver and we talked about my favorite subject: South Africa pre and post 1994. It's surreal to be in a country like this. The taxi fare was ok, especially considering I arrived during rush hour.

Maybe part of is was that I was super tired but didn't sleep the entire flight from Tana to here. I was talking with a sort of co-worker and before I knew it, it was time to land. At some points in the conversation I felt like saying, Ok, I'm cranky, I need to sleep, but I never got a chance to bring it up. Oh well, better I talked to him anyway.

Louis is joining me tomorrow, or rather I'm joining Louis tomorrow at the airport and then we'll start the long long journey (where I'll sleep most of the time) to Edmonton. Feels like I haven't been there in years.

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  1. Sleep well and travel safely.LoveG&Gxxoo