Cry Me the Blues

I am so, so, so feeling sorry for myself. I know I'll be fine, and I know that this is quite typical of the last week of rotation. It's not excitement, it's a bit of dread knowing that you'll be working your butt off....only to have to re-do a lot of the work later on because you're away for two weeks. I NEED this two week break, or else I'd work a lot more on vacation. I'm happy that I have running and yoga....or I might lose my sanity and cry at my desk while eating cake or something. :D
I fly out one day early because I have a meeting in Johannesburg, then Louis will meet up with me the next day and we'll fly out together. Flying out together is always fun. We're excited and we get to talk German (haven't lost the fascination of pretending to *quietly* speak German). We spend five hours in Zurich (I think) which is just enough time to check work emails, shower, and do a little bit of shopping. There is actually a "chalet" just outside the airport set to look like a traditional Swiss mountain restaurant with amazing cheese fondues, but I don't think they serve cheese fondues for breakfast (we get there at like 06h00 or something).
As far as shopping there are 3 people on my list that I just couldn't find anything for....and I think Zurich Duty-Free will be the place. Everything is cool there (although I will bring a calculator with me to calculate the exchange BEFORE I buy something. This is a huge problem I have).
But the best part? I'm travelling with Louis. It's silly because I don't think anything when I go visit his family, but I always feel this sense of ....I don't know, mass appreciation that he's coming to visit my family and not only that, bringing the girls to visit. They don't know my family but have been more than open to getting to know them and have really enjoyed their company so far. It kind of touches my heart.
Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself.
I'm pretty sure I write this next part every.single.time. I leave the island. I just don't ever think I'll lose the fascination that I am REALLY far from Edmonton. Or Canada in general. This map isn't our flight path (Not sure if Libya is still a no-fly zone?), but it still shows that we are soooooooooo far.

Again, sorry if you've read this info twenty times before...but it still amazes me.
  • Toamasina to Antananarivo - 45 minutes, 330km
  • Antananarivo to Johannesburg - 3 hours, 40 minutes, 2134 km
  • Johannesburg to Zurich - 10 hours, 45 minutes, 8412 km
  • Zurich to Toronto - 9 hours, 10 minutes, 6486 km
  • Toronto to Edmonton - 4 hours, 14 minutes, 2688 km

I used to think flying to Cancun was like super crazy far. I couldn't imagine myself travelling farther than never interested me (again, I know I say that too every time I leave the island).
Anyway, tomorrow is Wednesday, which means I'm one more day closer to Monday. (And Wednesdays I usually have cool sh7t going on at work). 

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  1. I found the duty-free at Paris CDG, gate M AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to spend all my holiday money there.