Good times in the tundra

Having normal Canada days (as opposed to stressed-errand-running-around-like-crazy days) is so cool! This is the third day in a row where I've led like, a normal-ish life. I've gone to supply shopping, grocery shopping, to the gym, done laundry, walked the dog, cooked supper, ordered supper out, read a book, slept, ate ice cream before lunch (not looking forward to next week's weigh in :( ), and this afternoon we're going to a mall and going to watch the movie, Life of Pi (although it will be in French. Not sure how I feel about this).

I've found myself more than once walking aimlessly around the house wondering what I should do, clean, organize, etc, and then I realize, Oh! I'm just supposed to relax! Sometimes it's harder than I realized? I thought that it would be awesome to have all this relax time, but that's just to catch up on sleep. After I catch up on sleep....I guess I'm not used to having multiple days off....without plans? It's kind of cool. But weird.

Anyway, looking forward to going to the mall, and hopefully, going through a Drive Thru Starbucks. CRAZY exciting life I live (and I love it!!)

{In other news, after a very scary seizure that stopped his heart, my grandpa is doing fantastic! He had to be revived, he was rushed to the Lois Hole unit of the Royal Alex (a cardiac unit), but he's already back in his rehabilitation hospital! Less than 72 hours after he was revived, he's excelling in all of the areas that he was struggling with. This is a blessing beyond belief. It's incredible. I knew that he would get better once he was in the Glenrose. He's still a work in progress, but it's hugely exciting.}