I'm 12 years old sometimes...

I got to have the most exciting day today.

The morning was pretty dull and frustrating, but I had been looking forward to today since last week. For an audit I'm working on, I asked to get a tour of about eight different facilities that are spread out all over the plant site. Um, our plant site is huge.
AND because I was going into different areas, I had to wear my PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) including steel toe boots, a hard hat, a long sleeved shirt (we have special ones from the project. Everyone wears them and I'm sort of sometimes jealous even though they are hideous), safety glasses (I got cool sunglasses ones), and a special respirator mask (just in case).

It's ridiculously hot and humid out, I only was outside for an hour and forty five minutes, I have a massive dehydration headache, but yes, I felt so super cool that I got to be like a plant worker today. For less than two hours.

I have no idea why this excites me so much, but I felt super cool driving around like a tough-gal, wearing my PPE, looking all like....plant-worker-lady.

However, I felt a lot better once I got out of the sun and guzzled an insane amount of water along with an electrolyte packet. I also have a ridiculous blister from my rarely-used steel toe boots, which will certainly limit my running - at least for tonight.

[And hells yes I wanted my picture taken!!!!!!!!!! But I was too embarrased. I'm trying to look like a grown up after all....]

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