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I'm spending part of the day and the night in Johannesburg and will meet up with Louis tomorrow.
I've been having a hard time finding a doctor in Montreal, so I had to stop on the way back. It's a vacation day down the tubes, but I talked to our emergency medical care provider today who will find me a list of doctors in the Montreal area so I won't have to go in SA (although the doctor I have here is awesome).

Anyway, I wanted to stay near the airport since I knew I wouldn't be shopping and my flight tomorrow is at 10h00.

The Emperor's Palace is a hotel about 2km from the airport and is made up of four or five different hotels, along with a casino, and a million other things. There is a Cesar's Palace recreation that almost makes it feel like you're in Vegas.

I've never stayed in this hotel in particular, and it's weird.

After my doctor's I took a very weird taxi ride (the driver was so thrown off that I wanted to stop at a drugstore. Like...I'm paying for it....so what's the big deal? Maybe there's more to it that I don't understand. And then he preached to me the entire time about life. At one point he owned his own business and was going to stay in the country forever, another point he was going to start working in the ministry, and we ended up with him going to work in Brazil after the World Cup). I got to the hotel, no one was available to help me with my luggage (I know that sounds princess) and when I finally found my room...I was pretty disappointed.

There is another three star hotel here and while it's simple, it's not like this one. I'm not sure what lighting effects were used to take this picture, but my room sort of looks like it, except more like a hospital room.
I face the parking which is very loud, and there's not in room temperature control, instead they have this big clonky air conditioner that makes it nearly impossible to hear the TV.

They don't have wireless Internet and I had to pay for very expensive cable Internet.

I regularly stay in a hotel in Tana when travelling where when I leave, I'm happy not to have food poisoning or bed bugs, and I'm fine with that. But there's something about being in South Africa that makes me expect to stay in a decent hotel with like, the normal things you'd find in a hotel. Help with luggage, room service, even a vending machine would be nice at this point.

I'm pretty sure I come across as ridiculously snobby and pretentious. And when it comes to hotels, I'm fine with that. My dad was/is in the hotel business and from an early age we would spend one weekend every second month staying in a nice hotel. I loved it (he didn't as it was a work thing), but it spoiled me for life.

I'm trying to figure out how to end this post without sounding like d-bag, but I'm not sure that's possible.

Update on Cyclone Felleng. It seems to have passed the area where I live and is still off the coast, which just means lots of rain and winds. Louis' flight was cancelled so I'll meet him tomorrow late afternoon and then hopefully we'll be able to fly back on the morning charter flight (at 05h45....). And then it's back to business.

I expect this rotation to be a busy one. I'll be travelling a bit in Madagascar for work mid to late February which is always an adventure. I'm also working on a never ending project that seems to continue to be never ending. It would be nice if I could get some kind of resolution or even progress....but things just get more and more complicated.

Update on my grandpa: I spoke to him on the phone before I left and was amazed. I couldn't see him, but his voice has about ten times louder than it was and he just seemed more lively. This is amazing news. I nearly went back to Edmonton after his seizure/heart stop thing....but at one point he was feeling so good he even told me not to come back. :)
There are going to be plenty more setbacks and hard days ahead for him, but I'm so encouraged that he's doing so well now. Maybe I'll get into it in another post, but he's filled such a special role in my life and he's just such a super great guy...it was so hard to hear how poor he had been feeling and his lack of progress in his recovery. Talking to him before I left was so encouraging and I continue to believe he will just get better and better with time.

Urgh, I'm off to try to sleep. I hate jetlag.

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