What's a carburator? Is that even how you spell it?

We are waiting in the Munich airport lounge, eating pretzels and pickles and Louis is drinking beer. It feels very German.

Today we went to the BMW Museum and Welt (don't have a clue what Welt means and am too tired to Google). We took the train since it was nine billion dollars to rent a car and it worked out perfectly. I'm not sure if it was because Louis was there or if I'm getting smarter and figuring how trains and maps work, but I didn't actually mind it.

I had a nice day, but let's face it, Louis was the main enjoyer of this tour. I took pictures and read all of the signs (almost everything was in German and English), and tried my hardest to be interested. I think I did a good job, but I did ask, "Is this a motor?" when we walked into a room of.....motors. Apparently this is very interesting.

So many people spoke to me in German and it makes me feel like I'm a freaking celebrity or something. I look German and I think it's all exotic....but really, part of my heritage is German (thus my last name), so I'm not sure what the big deal is but every time someone thinks I'm German, I'm all like, complimented and stuff.

Luckily (for Louis), the sound of the German language is losing it's appeal and I don't have to try not to laugh whenever it's spoken....most of the time. There are still words that sound too funny to me not to. Ausfart? Come on.

Right now just off shore there's a category 4 cyclone (named Felling) in Madagascar....so I'm not sure if we'll be grounded in Tana or maybe Johannesburg. Who knows! I think the impact on the island will be small as it's off the coast, but there will be lots of wind and rain.

Alright, I'm off to finish my pretzel.