April 15th - June 1st

Louis and I may have to live in separate countries for 11 months. Thousands of couples do this all the time. It's not the end of the world.

I might not have a job for a short while. This was predicted and planned for, but my time frame changed. It's not the end of the world.

Sometimes I'm going to think that it is. And I think that's okay. As long as the sometimes isn't always. I have to keep telling myself that's it's okay to be upset. I'm not like bawling in my room singing, All By Myself, but there may be some days that it happens. I kinda think that's okay too. Especially if there's singing into a hairbrush involved.

There's another thing that I'm doing for myself that's okay. I'm taking a bit of time off. Off from the real world. Off from any responsibilities (although I'll be applying for jobs the entire time, I'm sure!).

I'm going on a wicked trip.

My last day work day will be April 15th. From April 15th, I'll pack up my things, maybe hang a bit with the expat ladies (they seem to have cool day outings arranged!), and then I'll leave for Tana on May 2nd.

I'll fly to Paris and on to Prague (Booked on points....in Economy. Urgh. I knew this time was coming but it still sucks).

I have a day and a half in Prague before I start a cycling tour through the Czech Republic and Austria, ending in Vienna. (The cycling tour was planned before and I paid the final balance a week or two ago - so I'm going!)

The cycling tour is five days long and ends in Vienna.
From Vienna, I'll fly to Berlin for three days.
Then I'll fly back to Prague for five days. On the sixth day, I'll fly to Dubai and my dad will pick me up to the airport and we'll drive to Abu Dhabi (about an hour's drive).
I'll hang out there for four days and then I'll fly to Istanbul, Turkey for three and a half days.
Then I'll fly to Luxembourg to visit a friend and leave May 31st for Montreal. I'll be home by June 1st.

(I'm sure there will be a trip to Border and a trip to Edmonton shortly after that, but I don't want to plan anything other than this trip for now.)

Kind of sounds like a lot of travelling, but really the only flight that's a pain is the Tana to Paris flight.

Almost all flights were booked with Air France (points that I don't think I'd use in Canada) so they were the least of my cost.

My Berlin hotels were already booked/paid for, Louis can help me find a decent hotel in Prague (he used to live there), and friends have already sent me a few hotels to check out in Istanbul.

So that will be about seven weeks of no work. Well, plus the actual weeks of no work after that, but seven weeks of....vacationing. I was worried that I shouldn't take the time off; that I should fly right back to Canada...but I deserve this.

I've taken some crazy trips before, but this one is different. I hope that I can put all of my worries about living in another country apart from Louis aside, and enjoy the time on my vacation and the days off until I find another job. I don't have a clue what that job will be (or what country it will be in!), but I have to trust that everything will be okay and I need to just RELAX. And enjoy this crazy trip!


  1. That all sounds pretty darn wonderful, economy or not. You go girl because you earned it. Love G&Gxxoo


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