Lunch on the Beach

I just came back from a nice afternoon lunch with a fellow expatriate and his wife. They are leaving Madagascar on Thursday, and I missed their going away party, and they were nice enough to suggest that we go for lunch. It's a shame that Louis missed it, but I enjoyed it none the less.

The view from the restaurant always amazes me.

While they offered me support and encouragement, I never felt "adviced" from them, or was never once told, "Don't worry about it". (Like, if I could not worry about it, I'd be doing it already). It was nice to chat with them about my next adventure (whatever it may be), but also nice to hear some of their experiences. It also wasn't two hours of shop-talk, it was just a random lunch. It's a shame that we didn't do it more often.

Days like today and nights like last night (I have a major headache but danced up a storm!) make me feel so incredibly happy that I came here and did this crazy expat gig. And even happier that I have Louis along with me for the ride, not to mention all the other friends I've met along the way.

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