Much less cranky and much less hot

I saw that yesterday's forecast included rain, but I was surprised by the mega drop in temperature. Normally it doesn't have that huge of an effect.

After me venting and rambling on about how much I hate this place, the temperature dropped about 10*C. Enough so that I could go for a run OUTSIDE. By the end of my run, I could start to feel the heat, but there was a nice breeze that kept me from feeling like crap. I did have a moderate hangover headache (that I get when I sweat too much and either don't drink enough or don't get enough salt/electrolytes). My run wasn't the funnest thing in the world, which is expected since I was in a completely negative frame of mind, but it helped and I'm feeling quite a bit better today.

Last night I even stopped in at the bar for supper and went Girls-Gone-Wild and had not one but TWO sparkling waters (Ok, I didn't finish my second one....but it's rare that I'll ever have more than one). I had a nice time with friends (and learned a lot about what my new iPhone can do....the list is never ending...)

And with the cooler weather today (+33*C actual, with humidex +44*C), I was even able to wear long pants to work today. Does this seem a little insane? I think so. But there's a super fine line between Damn-it's-hot hot and Am-I-Living-In-Hell hot.

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